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Technical Lecture 7 March 2019 – Raising the Bar in Four Stroke Engine Design & Performance Registration

Presented by Karl Hinks & Greg Young, Wartsila UK

The announcement of the Wartsila 31 bore engine in 2015 & subsequent delivery of the first engines in 2016, was the culmination of more than 7 years R&D. The process started with 2 stage turbo-charging followed closely by developing a new design for a medium speed engine with fewer parts & an increased output but moreover higher efficiency with greatly extended Times Between Overhaul (TBO). A “Guinness World Record” was awarded for its efficiency and a number of high profile orders soon followed; operating running hours are now ratcheting up.

The first part of the presentation covers the design drivers that kick-started the process, followed by an overview of the process itself and the engine construction. The second part of the presentation will provide the audience with similar content for the new W14 high-speed engine which has been developed in collaboration with the Swiss company Liebherr.

This compact, power dense engine starting at 750Kw, enables Wartsila to compete in a number of markets not previously possible with their medium speed engine portfolio.

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