Technical Events

Technical lecture 12 December 2019 – Experience in Testing Frigate Models using Le Grand Tunnel Hydrodynamique

Presented by Dr Will Batten, Qinetiq

Large cavitation tunnels typically allow fully scaled models to be tested with all appendages and twin shafts in operation. The presented work will focus on the use of the large working section of the Grand Tunnel Hydrodynamique at Val De Reuil, France. This tunnel working section has a length of 10 m, width of 2 m and height of 1.35 m with speeds of up to 12 m/s. The range of tests that can be performed include; shaft torque and thrust measurements, laser doppler anemometry wake surveys, cavitation inception tests and the effect of cavitation on thrust breakdown on performance. The talk will discuss the capabilities of these tests and how they can inform design decisions. CFD predictions will also be compared with measurements to highlight the directions for future work.

Please note that due to the Qinetiq security arrangements, all registrations for the event have to be complete by 20th November.

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