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Technical Lecture 10 April 2019 – New Builds and the Importance of the Specification

Presented by Claire McKee, BCTQ

The technical specification can be the single most important document in the build of a new vessel. It can dictate the overall success of a project; whether it is the commercial viability of a vessel based on its target speed and cargo load or a yacht owner’s expectations being met by reality. The way in which the client’s statement of requirements translates into the design and technical specification is key. However, there is much more to the process than the General Arrangement and the technical specification on their own as they must tie into a number of other important documents.

In this presentation we will explore the way in which the technical specification, with the help of technical consultant, fits into the overall project management process of a new build as well as its interconnected relationship with other important documentation. We will discuss a number of examples were the technical specification made a huge difference in the overall success of the project and how simple details can have huge knock on effects. We will show that, whilst different types of projects have very different overall processes, the technical specification lies at the heart of all successful projects. We will look at how the technical specification can act within a project in one of three ways: performance based, design based or process based and we will show how these different aspects of the technical specification weaves it way through the whole build process of a vessel

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