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Here is a selection of past Southern Joint Branch lecture slides which are available to download. The lecture slides are organised by lecture programme year, i.e. 2015/2016 etc.


Michael Banning

ISO 8217 Fuel Standard and the 2020 Global Sulphur Limit


Dr Kisoo Kwon

Dual Fuel Engine Safety


Dan Hook

Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles

Ray Gillett

Gas as a Marine Fuel

Jonathan Earthy

Assurance of Human Factors

Ivy Fang

Future of Shipping Technology

Muhammad Shafique

Cargo Simulation

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The Large Yacht

Simon Mockler/John Lee

Reliability Centred Maintenance

Dr Stelios Kyriacou

Ballast Water Management Systems

Patrick Fitzsimmons

Cavitation and Erosion on Marine Propellers


Simon Mockler

Offshore Wind Farm Service Vessels

Dr Seong-Gi Seo

A Paradigm Shift in Ship Handling

Karl Hinks

Dual Fuel Engines & SOX/NOX

Karl Hinks

Exhaust Gas Cleaning - SOX/Scrubbers


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